It's an innovative culture, it's a culture where we're seeing new ideas being tried out and the ability to experiment encouraged.

Sarah Rickwood, IMS Health


The decisions we make today will help reshape our futures.

At Mundipharma International, a key area of focus for us is the search for licensing agreements for the network of independent associated companies. Thanks to our European reach, strong commercial focus and expert knowledge, the strength of the Mundipharma independent associated companies is an attractive proposition to potential partners.

By forming alliances and partnerships, we aim to help deliver scientific advances that have a profound impact on the lives of patients all over the world

We envisage increased expansion over the next decade with the launch of new respiratory products. Oncology is now an integral part of the European businesses and is a focus for future growth.

It is our independence that gives us the dynamism and freedom to take important decisions quickly and efficiently. In the future, you’ll find us out there in the marketplace, generating interest, screening opportunities and striking the deals that show benefits for the Mundipharma businesses, the healthcare professionals and, most importantly, the patient.

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