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Mundipharma survey reveals what doctors want to improve in the treatment of pain

11 July 2014

Healthcare professionals surveyed on the Mundipharma stand at the World Institute of Pain congress were in 100 percent consensus that improvements are needed in the current pain treatment.

Concerns around patient adherence and side effects revealed themselves as the largest barriers to helping patients to restore a normal pain-life balance.

When asked about their treatment challenges nearly 75 percent of the surveyed health care professionals had concerns about adherence to medication and side effect management. More than 50 percent considered reducing side effects to be an unmet need in pain relief.

The Mundipharma survey was answered by 340 healthcare professionals over the three day congress. The survey asked questions to healthcare professionals about the treatment and management of pain.

Kate Hurtig, Head of Pain at Mundipharma said:

“We strive to understand exactly what is required to tackle unmet need in the treatment and management of pain. Listening to healthcare professionals and patients is the first step to reaching this aim”.