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Warren Cook, Commercial Lead

Mundipharma attends European Association for Palliative Care congress

30 May 2013

May 2013: Mundipharma attended the 13th congress of The European Association for Palliative Care in Prague, Czech Republic, titled “Palliative Care – the right way forward”. The congress scientific programme explored the access to palliative care as a human right, the gaps where it is not yet available and the models to make palliative care accessible to all who require it.

During the congress, Mundipharma ran an interactive educational symposium to encourage discussion on the under treatment of pain and the barriers to analgesic use, focussing on interventions and best practices for addressing better pain management. Attendees were also invited to an informational exhibition stand explaining the benefits of Targin® (oxycodone/naloxone).

Over the past 50 years, the Mundipharma network of independent associated companies has introduced a number of products that have transformed the way pain is treated, offering oral, transdermal and parenteral delivery of analgesia to suit patient needs. For more information, visit