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Warren Cook, Commercial Lead

Mundipharma enters a new global partnership

12 January 2015

Mundipharma and Purdue have entered into a global multi programme discovery and development collaboration with Esteve to bring to market important next generation products for the management of pain. 

Working with Esteve will allow Mundipharma and its network of independent associated companies to expand their pain franchise into neuropathic, acute and moderate pain, building on their existing expertise in opioids and severe pain. 

Commenting on the partnership, Antony Mattessich, Managing Director:
“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Esteve and the prospects for growth the partnership will bring.  This strategic collaboration leverages the companies’ individual strengths, with our ability to bring products from the clinical process through to successful commercialisation complementing Esteve’s focus on discovering new molecules and approaches to the treatment of pain in the laboratory. The Mundipharma network of associated companies and Esteve are committed to driving innovation in the pain management space, so the collaboration is a natural fit.”