Partner benefits

We aim to support and improve our partners’ competitive advantage by providing integrated solutions through our unique partnering experience.

Thanks to the strong market presence of the Mundipharma independent associate network, we are in a good position to expand the product portfolio and form new alliances.

The key benefits of establishing a partnership with the network of Mundipharma independent associated companies:

Commercial flexibility

We pride ourselves on being focused and results-driven. Our independence facilitates flexible programmes, fast decision making, rapid and direct access to our Board of Directors and a transparent, bureaucracy-free decision making process.

European reach

Our strength is in the network of the Mundipharma independent associated companies, which has established a strong market presence with international brands and worldwide sales. Our team in Cambridge provides support services and has direct access to all our independent associated companies and commercial partners throughout Europe.

Strong alliances - developed, nurtured and maintained

We are keen to grow our commercial presence by continuing to forge long and successful alliances with our partners. We are looking actively to expand alliances into the areas of analgesics, oncology, respiratory and rheumatoid arthritis.

A strong commitment to personal service

You’ll enjoy working with us, and appreciate our experience and expertise. We attribute our success to the quality of our people. As friendly, enthusiastic, talented and dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds, we make a cohesive, dynamic team comprising the best talent in the industry.

At Mundipharma International, we are committed. We are proud of our success and our ability to forge strong alliances, and believe that our on-going commitment has improved current therapeutic approaches and enhanced patient care.

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