At Mundipharma our private ownership and the entrepreneurial spirit of our owners allows us to look at things from a different perspective and approach business from a different angle

Antony Mattessich, Managing Director



"Mundipharma shows an excellent understanding of the science around the product and its place in therapy. We are confident that Mundipharma will ensure that the full potential of bendamustine will be realised and we are delighted to cooperate with them."

Bernhard Huber, Managing Director of Astellas

"We are delighted to build on our existing relationship with Mundipharma in Europe with a licence for flutiform®, our leading pipeline product [currently in development]. Mundipharma has demonstrated its ability to market products effectively in the complex European pharmaceutical market and they are well placed to introduce flutiform®, which will be a key product for them."

Frank Condella, Non-Executive Chairman of SkyePharma

"Our agreement with Mundipharma is a key milestone for Nitec as we prepare for a European launch. Mundipharma has a proven track record in successfully launching and commercialising pharmaceutical products in Europe. Their strength, as a partner is their strong expertise with the target prescribers in these key markets. We are confident that this agreement with Mundipharma’s highly committed and specialised sales force will accelerate Lodotra®’s market success. Personally, I strongly believe that our two companies will cooperate effectively as we share values and an entrepreneurial philosophy."

Dr Anders Härstrand, CEO of Nitec Pharma AG
Nitec has been acquired by Horizon AG

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