Challenging ourselves to look at the market from different angles, including ensuring that the clinical needs of the patient in the real-world are understood, is of paramount importance for Mundipharma. It is only with this clear insight that we can continue to help define, develop and deliver leading innovations in medicine.

Kate Hurtig, Head of Pain


At Mundipharma we are thinking differently about pain.

We know we can't always cure people's pain but we can re-address the pain-life balance – shifting people's experiences away from pain and back towards the full enjoyment of life.

The Mundipharma network of independent associated companies has a proven track record of bringing pain innovations to market, successfully launching Palladon®, MST ®, Targin®, BuTrans® and OxyContin®.

But we believe that for people living in pain, and for those treating and caring for them, the job is far from done. Collaborating with our partners and the people who make treatment decisions, we are working to identify remaining unmet needs.

By building on our heritage we can aspire to bring something different for people in pain.

The product range includes:


Targin® (oxycodone/naloxone) - A prolonged-release combination tablet combining a strong opioid agonist designed to control severe pain while counteracting opioid-induced constipation.


Norspan®/BuTrans® (buprenorphine) - A seven-day analgesic patch indicated for the treatment of moderate, chronic non-malignant pain.

  MST® Continus® (morphine sulphate) – A prolonged release tablet containing morphine sulphate  indicated for the relief of severe and intractable pain.

Palladone®/Hydral® (hydromorphone) - Slow-release (SR) and immediate-release (IR) capsules containing the strong semi-synthetic opioid hydromorphone licensed for severe cancer pain.

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