Working with the healthcare
community and patients

At Mundipharma International Limited, we are committed to improving people’s health and quality of life, and we take pride in supporting a range of organizations through sponsorships and charitable donations.

We believe a collaborative approach brings the most benefit to patients. As such, we work closely with healthcare professionals, professional organizations and patient groups to achieve a better understanding of clinical and supportive care needs within oncology, pain, respiratory and biosimilars. We are confident that we have achieved far more working together than we could ever have achieved alone.

Mundipharma International is equally committed to ensuring that its relationships are transparent. When working with healthcare professionals, we sometimes make payments to them for services such as public speaking, consulting and advising to reimburse them for their time and expense. We also provide financial support for healthcare professionals to attend meetings and conferences that will contribute to their personal development.

Across Europe, our industry has stated its intention to disclose payments made to healthcare professionals at an individual level. Disclosure began in 2016, covering payments made in 2015. In accordance with this, and to ensure transparency of our partnerships, Mundipharma International discloses all of its transfers of value to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations in accordance with the requirements of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice. We also publish a list of patient organizations to which we provide financial support and/or significant indirect/non-financial support.

Various disclosures, broken down by year, can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Payments to healthcare professionals

As part of our industry’s commitment to greater transparency of financial relationships with healthcare professionals, members of the Mundipharma network disclosed individual payments made to healthcare professionals. Outlined below are the total figures paid to all healthcare professionals as fees for certain services, together with sponsorship to attend third-party meetings, by Mundipharma International Limited. This includes disclosing the number of healthcare professionals who received these payments.


Working with professional institutions

Through grants and donations, Mundipharma International Limited is pleased to have been able to support a number of academic and charitable organizations in bringing about better health outcomes for patients.

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Working with and supporting patient organizations

For details of these activities please click the links below: